Connect™ Vision by onPoint is a 2-channel, windshield-mounted security MDVR that can be expanded with up to two additional external cameras for a total of 4 channels of video.

Easy to install and simple to operate. The installation time is one-tenth of a traditional MDVR. 3M wire clips included, just route wires around the headliner and along the A-Pillar for easy, clean installation.

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Connect® Vision+ Dual Dash Cam

The Connect® Vision+ features a high-definition, dual-facing views of both your driver and the road ahead. Connect® Vision+ will record exactly what happened before, during and after an incident. It does this by recording the following information: The Driver’s View, Vehicle Location, Impact Force of Accident, Audio, & Driving Style (speed, acceleration, braking, & steering).

 Live View of Your Driver and the Road Ahead
 Event-Triggered Video Evidence
 Dual Dash Cam Visibility
 Video Evidence Stored in Private Cloud
 Daily Automatic Video Upload over WiFi


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