Mobile Digital Video Recorder

A properly install MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) system from Connect® can help to reduce your risk of false liability claims and reduce at-fault driver incidences. Studies show that drivers who know they are being recorded take fewer risks on the road. This will directly correlate to fewer claims against you, your drivers and you business.

We own and maintain our servers on site. We currently have 50TB of storage capacity to archive your video data and this capacity grows each month. We offer 30 days of video storage for every system connected to our platform and any video segments flagged as an event is stored for 180 days. This eliminates the need to pull SD Cards and makes it easy to search historical video. You can download any video you need for offline storage.

Live View Inside the Cab and the Road ahead

Connect® Vision $479.95

Connect® Vision is a windshield mounted dash camera with two integrated cameras, one road-facing and one driver-facing. Integrated GPS, LTE and WiFi enable GPS Fleet Management and live video WiFI auto-upload of video data.

Connect® Vision+ $679.95

Connect® Vision+ is a Vision Dash cam with two additional cameras for the exterior of the vehicle. Vision+ give you the ability see behind and / or beside your vehicle as well as a view of your driver and the road ahead.