• Your Fleet... Monitor

    onPoint Monitor is our traditional GPS Fleet monitoring service. Inexpensive tracking devices and easy-to-use web platform bundled for a low monthly cost. Features include road-based speed alerts, driver scoring and much more...
  • Your Fleet... Secure

    onPoint Secure increases fleet safety by monitoring and recording your driver's behavior and vehicle surroundings to our secure cloud servers automatically over your WiFi connection! Easily search, playback and download video...
  • Your Fleet -> Connect!

    onPoint Connect goes beyond traditional GPS location monitoring by integrating real-time video monitoring directly into our easy to use fleet management portal. Watch live, real-time video streams directly from our web platform.
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Advanced Video Telematics

MNVR (Mobile Network Video Recorder) system that monitors and record the driver's actions and surroundings, tracks GPS location, travel speed and alerts on harsh driving behavior, all in real time.

Always Available

onPoint Connect features video event logging. This enables us to link a video clip of a pre-defined event such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking or if an impact occurs, directly on GPS track history for easy playback.

Secure Cloud Storage

Your onPoint Connect subscription includes secure online storage of your video and location data in our private cloud. You can review and download this data at any time for safe offline keeping as well.

Easy Video Retrieval

With onPoint Connect it's easy to search for a specific time and duration of video evidence and even easier to download that video for offline playback or of uploading to a video sharing or social media sites like YouTube or Facebook.

onPoint Connect is design for desktops...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect for mobile!
  • onPoint Monitor
  • onPoint Secure
  • onPoint -> Connect

Monitor is our traditional GPS fleet monitoring services with small, easy to install tracking devices. No MDVR is needed for our low-cost, fully-featured fleet management system... and it runs on the same platform.


onPoint Secure MDVR is also available without live video streaming. You will still have access to live tracking data, all fleet management features and online video management after video is uploaded over your WiFi.


onPoint Connect is a leading video telematics service. With a Mobile DVR system and a video-enabled tracking plan from onPoint you can view live video and location data from our cutting-edge tracking platform software.

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